Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia

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Looking for a beautiful stone to replace a diamond? Well you should know that there are two stones you can use: moissanite and cubic zirconia. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

So, even though moissanite and cubic zirconia are both artificial diamond substitutes, there are many differences between these two. For instance, cubic zirconia is more accessible than moissanite, while moissanite has more toughness than cubic zirconia. Moissanite is also considered to have a superior brilliance, from this point of view being superior even to diamonds. This is the main reason why moissanite is more expensive than cubic zirconia.

Both cubic zirconia and moissanite exist in natural state, but they are extremely rare. Both of these stones resemble diamonds, so they can easily be mistaken with these valuable gemstones. However, cubic zirconia is known to be the most popular choice for everyday jewelery. It is inexpensive and it can easily be purchased by anyone. Moissanite is the most appropriate choice for engagement rings for instance, or jewelries you plan on using frequently, for a longer period of time. Consequently, while moissanite is a harder stone, cubic zirconia is believed to scratch more easily. Moissanite is more durable, conferring a look more similar to diamonds.

So, in case you are looking for the perfect diamond substitute, you should know that there actually are two choices you can make. Compare costs, benefits and disadvantages and pick the stone that best suits your needs.

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How To Find Out If Your Diamond Is Real

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No matter if you plan on buying the perfect gift for someone you love or you want to verify a piece of jewelery you received, you need to know how to test your diamond and find if it’s real. There are numerous great stones that can be perfect substitutes of diamonds, looking almost identical with these precious stones, but naturally not having the same value. Of course, the best option is to have the diamond checked by a jeweler you can really trust. However, having a diamond tested can cost you some money and can take some time. If you plan on verifying the authenticity of a precious stone on the spot, there are some simple ways in which you can achieve this purpose.

1. Ask for an authenticity certificate

One of the first things you should know is that when buying a diamond you will most likely automatically receive a certificate that will state that piece of jewelry is real. In case you are buying a diamond from the Internet, receiving this document is a must. The certificate has to be issued by a grading authority or an independent appraiser.


2. Test the diamond yourself

Even though you may receive a certificate, testing the diamond yourself is a good idea if you want to be certain that the precious stone is real. A certificate commonly is the opinion of someone who tested it. This means that you can test the precious stone, too. Looking through the diamond is one of the simplest ways of testing it. Diamonds are well known to have a high refractive index. This means that only by looking at the diamond you will be able to tell if it is real or not.

In case you are buying a diamond stone and not a jewelry featuring it, you can have the following test. Place the diamond on a piece of paper. In case you can see the print through the stone, you are surely dealing with a fake. In case the diamond is mounted, you should be able to see its bottom, while looking directly from the top of the diamond, otherwise you have a fake.

Observing reflections is also a good idea on your way to find out if your diamond is real. Real diamonds will only manifest reflections in shades of gray. If you can see various colors in your stone, it is either a fake diamond or a very low quality one.


3. Get a tester

There are various diamond testers you can purchase nowadays. These testers will quickly let you know if your diamond is real. You may also take a microscope test. If you can see orange flash only to the facets of the stone, it is a fake. Another simple test is the fog test. What you should know when performing such a test is that a real diamond disperses the heat instantaneously.


Fake diamond jewelry can be so similar to real diamonds that in many cases telling the difference can be quite hard. However, if you want to be certain that your diamond is real you can use one of the tests you found mentioned here. They are surely worth to be considered, as they are quite simple.

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Things You Should Know About Diamonds

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Diamond jewelry probably is the most beautiful and exquisite type of jewelry you can find in sale. Diamonds are precious stones that can complement all outfits, making women look absolutely spectacular. If you consider diamonds fascinating, too, you should find out some important things about these precious stones. They are listed below.


  • The word diamond actually comes from Greek and it means indestructible and unconquerable.
  • A diamond is more than 3.4 billion years old when entering into the possession of an individual.
  • Diamonds are known to have been formed billions of years ago.
  • The first diamond ring had been offered to a woman in 1477. It was a gift from the Archduke of Austria for Mary of Burgundy.
  • Nowadays, diamonds are the most popular precious stones offered in engagement rings.
  • Diamonds can be classified by color, cut, clarity and carat. They are important factors in establishing the value of a diamond.
  • The cut of a diamond defines its beauty.
  • Quality diamonds represent less than 20 percent of all diamonds mined today.
  • In their purest state, diamonds are brilliant, being entirely colorless.
  • Diamonds can be found in a wide range of colors. The rarest ones are pink and blue.

  • Source

  • The diamond is such an appreciated precious stone for jewelry, as it is the hardest natural substance found on the earth.
  • Diamond are hard to scratch, remaining beautiful for years.
  • Most diamonds are found in Africa. However, these precious stones can be mined in different locations throughout the world.
  • About 26 kg of diamonds are mined each year.
  • Some of the most famous diamonds that have been mined over the years include the Koh-i-Noor, the Hope Diamond, the Tiffany Yellow Diamond and the Regent Diamond.
  • The largest diamond in the world is the Cullinan, also known as the Star of Africa.
  • There are two main substitutes to diamonds. These precious stones look similar to diamonds, even though they do not possess the same value or characteristics. They are cubic zirconia and moissanite.


Diamonds are forever is a phrase commonly used when referring to these precious stones. Diamonds are the hardest natural material known to exist today, so there is no wonder that they are believed to last for the rest of time. A beautiful diamond will always impress with brilliance, durability, but also with its glow.

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Things To Know About Moissanite Jewelry

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Moissanite is a rare mineral which has first been discovered by Henri Moissan, while examining the rock samples from a meteor crater. The material has later on been synthesized in laboratories under the name of silicon carbide. Moissanite is nowadays an important replacement for diamonds, commonly used in all kind of jewelry.

Moissanite is known to have a crystalline structure with strong covalent bonding, just like diamonds. There is no wonder that in 1998, the stone was already found on the jewelry market. Soon, moissanite began being considered an excellent stone to be used in fine jewelry. Experts even considered that moissanite had optical properties that exceeded the ones of diamonds. And the truth is that Moissanite jewelry looks exactly like accessories that include diamonds.


Facts about Moissanite

  • Moissanite is considered to be stronger than a sapphire or a ruby.
  • It is commonly used in many countries nowadays.
  • Moissanite gemstones may also be found under the name of Berzelian.
  • Due to its hardness, moissanite can easily compete with diamonds.
  • Moissanite is much more affordable than a real diamond, offering the same beauty and an almost equal quality.
  • Henri Moissan, the man who discovered these stones, has actually mistaken moissanite with real diamonds.


Benefits of moissanite jewelry

Naturally, the most important benefit of purchasing such jewelry is the price. Moissanite rings are much more affordable than diamond rings, even though they are as beautiful and durable as real diamonds.

Moissanite is a wonderful replacement for diamonds, although it is not worth the same as real diamonds.

Moissanite gemstones

Moissanite is the best choice you can make when you plan on offering beautiful jewelry to someone dear. Below you can find some things you should know about this gemstone.

  1. Color. Moissanite gemstones are colorless. However, they may also be found in shades of yellow or green.
  2. Clarity. Moissanite jewelry can easily be mistaken with diamond jewelry. They have no imperfections.
  3. Cut. The round cut is the most popular one when it comes to moissanite jewelry. This cut is considered to be the most appropriate one, as it can make the stone appear the whitest. Other cuts can make it look less brilliant.


In the past few years, moissanite has become quite a popular option when it comes to the replacement of diamonds. Numerous people opt for these gemstones for all type of jewelry. Even engagement rings with moissanite are a popular choice nowadays. If you want to enjoy a low cost for a spectacular piece of jewelry, moissanite is what you should consider.

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Cubic Zirconia Rings

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Diamonds surely are great precious stones to wear in jewelry. However, buying a diamond ring can turn out being quite an impressive investment, one that not so many people can afford making. Luckily, your dream to wear a spectacular ring can become a reality with cubic zirconia rings. Cubic zirconia looks exactly like real diamonds and can easily confuse anyone, even jewelers.


Cubic zirconia is a synthetic material and as you can imagine it costs much less than a diamond. It looks spectacular and is really affordable, too, so there is no wonder after all that cubic zirconia rings have become so popular.

Cubic zirconia rings benefits include:

  1. Cost. These jewelry are very affordable and they can easily be purchased by anyone. When buying a cubic zirconia ring you will get a good quality at a great price.
  2. Looks. A cubic zirconia ring will look exactly like a real diamond, so no one will even notice that you are not wearing such a precious stone.
  3. Durability. When purchasing a cubic zirconia ring you do not have to worry at all about its durability. The material is just as durable as diamonds, so it will not get damaged throughout the years. 


Why is cubic zirconia so affordable?

If cubic zirconia jewelry is such qualitative and similar to real diamonds, you may wonder why is it so cheap. Well, the answer is quite simple. Cubic zirconia stones are not mined, they are man-made. As they are created in a controlled environment, cubic zirconia stones are not rare, so they are not expensive. The process of creating cubic zirconia stones is almost similar to the one in which diamonds are formed in nature, but naturally a faster one. This is the main reason why cubic zirconia stones look so much like real diamonds, but are less expensive.

Rings have become popular gifts for numerous occasions. Women love to receive such presents and actually every girl dreams about having numerous types of accessories. Buying only diamond rings will surely be really hard. Luckily, cubic zirconia rings offer the perfect alternative to diamonds. Cubic zirconia has the brilliance of diamonds, their beauty and glow, too.


Cubic zirconia rings are the perfect choice for all important occasions. You can opt for such rings for your engagement or even your wedding. They look very real, are more affordable and actually perfect to purchase. With the money saved while buying such a ring you will be able to afford many other things. Besides cubic zirconia other stones that look like real diamonds are moissanite and manmade diamonds.

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Fake Diamond Rings are a Great Alternative

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When you are searching for that perfect ring to buy for you or your best best friend, you are faced with one problem. The price tag. It is all about the money. The diamond rings you seem to like have a spicy price attached to them. Some of the costs of diamond rings are just unaffordable. An affordable solution to purchasing a diamond ring is to resort to fake diamond rings.

More often than not, the gemstone of the fake diamond rings are made from cubic zirconium, which is one of the best replacements for diamonds. If you decide to purchase one of the many beautiful models of fake diamond rings, whose stone is replaced with cubic zirconium, you will not make the difference between authentic and fake diamond rings. Here are some features about fake diamond rings that use CZ as a replacement gemstone. In appearance, the cubic zirconia looks almost exactly like a good quality diamond, although there are some slight differences.

Fake diamond rings that use CZ, have a less brilliance and sparkle less than a diamond and they are almost as hard as the diamond. However, when you want to offer your special lady a special gift, you can always go to online stores and choose one of the beautiful models of fake diamond rings. The process of choosing the right fake diamond rings is the same as with any ring. You must think of the material the band is made from: titanium, gold, silver or platinum, as well as the colour of the cubic zirconium stone. The fake diamond rings can be customised to the taste and style of each person.

Purchasing fake diamond rings is an easy task, since you can find many models both online and in jewelry stores. Nevertheless, fake diamond rings are a great alternative to looking great, without spending too much money. Plus, you will not feel that sorry if you scratch or lose them, since the gemstone is not real.

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Fake Diamond Rings For Small Budgets

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If you are on a rather tight budget, you should know that there are still many available solutions out there for you, which will enable you to get good quality and beautiful jewelry pieces. One of the best examples in this case are the fake diamond rings. Do not consider the term “fake” as a negative aspect of these jewelries, as they actually look very real and are really great to wear. Just because you are not rich, it does not mean that you should not have amazing jewelry items. It simply means that you have to find a less costly opportunity, which can be through buying fake diamond rings.

The fake diamond rings can also become the more cost effective engagement rings for proposals. However, if you are considering choosing this very important jewelry out of a selection of fake diamond rings, you should tell your fiancée that it is not a real precious stone. She should be able to understand that you only wanted to get her a good looking piece and not to deceive her or be cheap. This is the case as well if you are opting for fake diamond rings for your friends or your relatives. They should know that the piece is not adorned by a real diamond.

People have always found that they could get a lot more for less in many domains. With the help of fake diamond rings, you can now have splendid jewelry additions for your collection or to give as a gift for someone. Consider these fake diamond rings as the perfect opportunity for you to have expensive looking piece for a lot less money. You can now stay on your tight budget and not get into financial trouble for a piece of jewelry. The fake diamond rings are great solutions for creating a splashy aspect for yourself, for offering an amazing engagement ring or for getting the best birthday gift. Save money and still make an exquisite appearance through the help of the fake jewelry pieces. You can find these items in online store and websites.

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Save Money With Fake Diamond Rings

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It is known that every woman would like to have at least one diamond ring on her finger, because, let’s face it, diamonds are impressive and they can make everyone stand out just by wearing these beautiful pieces of jewelry. However, the ugly truth is that not many can afford them, so this is why many people opt for the less expensive versions: fake diamond rings. By wearing fake diamond rings you will be able to look great, but to save money as well.

If you are planning on getting married, you want to save as much money as possible. The engagement ring usually costs a fortune, especially if you are keen on getting one with diamonds. In this case, you can easily save money by purchasing fake diamond rings, because they look very real and it is really hard for an untrained eye to tell the difference between the fake diamond rings and the real ones. So talk to your future husband and consider the possibility of purchasing fake diamond rings, because you will thus be able to save money that you could later invest in your wedding reception or even in buying new things for your home. Then, after you have settled down and you have made some savings, you could replace your fake diamond rings with real ones.

Purchasing fake diamond rings is not for futures bride only, though. Even if you are single, you could treat yourself with fake diamond rings, because they will make you feel good about yourself and they will increase your self-confidence level. If you are thinking about getting fake diamond rings for your mother, sister or friends, you should however let them now that they are not real, so they will not feel disappointed when they find out that they are not. Either way, no matter the reason, purchasing fake diamond rings is a great alternative to look great without spending a fortune on jewelry and without having to constantly worry about losing or damaging them. So get the look for less and save money with beautiful and inexpensive fake diamond rings.

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Why Would You Want A Fake Diamond Ring?

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When many people hear the term fake diamond ring used, they think of a piece of jewelry that looks very tacky. While there is no denying that there are fake diamond rings that fall under this category, they are only a small percentage of the total amount of options that are available. More often than not, fake diamond rings are surprisingly attractive.

So, what are the reasons why someone would want to buy this type of ring? The first reason is that you’re a lady and you’re out shopping for yourself. Although you want to find some new pieces of jewelry, that doesn’t mean that you have a ton of money to spend. To solve this problem, you can focus your attention on fake diamond rings. This can make it possible for you to get one or more beautiful pieces of jewelry without spending a ton of money.

Another option is if a man is shopping for a piece of jewelry for his significant other. Although it’s easy to automatically assume that any man looking for a fake diamond ring is cheap, there are definitely legitimate reasons for considering this type of ring. This even applies in situations where a man is looking for an engagement ring. If a man is in love with a woman and wants to spend the rest of his life with her, he shouldn’t have to forgo this opportunity simply because he can’t afford an expensive diamond engagement ring. With a more affordable fake option, you can still propose. And in many cases, men who do this eventually upgrade the ring to one that features a real diamond.

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Cheap Fake Diamond Rings

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Cheap fake diamond rings are cheap because they’re made with man-made diamonds instead of naturally occurring diamonds.

There are two methods for making synthetic diamonds. The high pressure, high temperature method was the first, and it’s still the mostly commonly used because of its relatively low cost.

The HPHT method uses presses weighing several hundred tons to produce pressure of 5 gigapascals (a unit of measuring pressure) at 1,500 degrees Celsius.

The second method is called chemical vapor disposition, where the stone is grown from a hydrocarbon gas mixture.

There are a couple of ways to tell if a diamond is a fake. The scratch test, where you use the diamond to scratch glass, simply isn’t good enough because diamonds aren’t the only gemstone that can cut glass. Besides, It’s possible to damage a real diamond by scraping it across glass.

Instead, try this: Breathe on the diamond to fog it up. Your stone is real if it the fog disappears immediately. That’s because real diamonds disperse heat instantaneously. If your stone stays fogged for more than four seconds, it’s probably a fake. For valid results, be sure the diamond is completely clean and free of oil or dirt.

The newspaper test is good for loose stones. Place the stone on a piece of newsprint. If the newsprint is clearly readable through the stone, it’s probably a cubic zirconium. Real diamonds scatter light and would make the newsprint look slightly blurry.

The U.V. test can also be helpful. About one third of real diamonds turn fluorescent blue under ultraviolet light while 99% of fake diamonds do not.

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